Gui Limao Art

My name is Guilherme Limão, I’m Portuguese, living in Algarve. I’m an experimental, self taught artist, born in 21 February of 1993. My academic experience, although incomplete, it was in mathematical sciences field. I studied for one year mechanical engineering in “Universidade do Algarve”, and I also did one year in geological engineering in “Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa”. It is dificult for me to point out where i decided to become an artist, but a reference moment it was when I won the award “Cores e Formas dos Nossos Artistas” in Agust of 2018, an iniciative from the city of Albufeira.

Artist statement:
I’m an artist because art helps fine tuning the senses that allows me to study human kind, it is the mathematical pleasure of discovering key patterns in human behaviours, more specifically in society. “What’s the importance of the individual?” Art helps me in the proccess of acceptance, it’s the transformation of conflict energy into superation. It is the reminder that acceptance needs sinceraty, and sinceraty requires peace. It is the study of the absurd, because everything is absurd. Every type of politic action is absurd, needed, but absurd. Being an artist is the constant struggle to expand, it’s a revolt against control, against that gravitic force that pulls us and stop us from exploring. I love to read absurd things, but i shouldn’t trust politics of that nature, because if I do, I become an idealist throwing away my ability to accept, love and eventually be a change.

Prizes and exbihition:
1º prize of “Cores e formas dos nossos artistas” 2018;
Collective exhibition award “Infante D. Luís às artes” 2018;
Collective exhibition “XI Bienal Salão das Artes de Vidigueira” 2018;
Solo exhibition “Existência” at Gallery João Bailote 2019;
2º prize of “Cores e formas dos nossos artistas” 2020;

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