Gui Limao Art

Guilherme Limão

My name is Guilherme, im from Portugal and started my career as a painter in 2016. I’m very passionate about art and philosophy. I believe they compliment each other on the quest to describe the human soul. I started on figurative painting but since 2019 i have been more interested in abstract art and sometimes mix them together. Nowadays my work focus much more on irrationality. I need to feel some absence of consciousness in my work, because it looks more bold, more instinctive, i don't like when i control every aspect of the painting. I have been focus a lot in the brush stroke and how to improve the overall movement of the paint.

Prizes and exbihition:
1º prize of “Cores e formas dos nossos artistas” 2018;
Collective exhibition award “Infante D. Luís às artes” 2018;
Collective exhibition “XI Bienal Salão das Artes de Vidigueira” 2018;
Solo exhibition “Existência” at Gallery João Bailote 2019;
2º prize of “Cores e formas dos nossos artistas” 2020;

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